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Brief Introduction of 30-50301-00 Fuel Filter for Carrier  30-50301-00 is carrier transicold fuel filter.

30-50301-00 Fuel Filter for Carrier

Models: 30-50301-00 fuel filter.
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Brief Introduction of 30-50301-00 Fuel Filter for Carrier

30-50301-00 is carrier transicold fuel filter.

Other Models of Carrier Fuel Filter

Fuel Filters for Carrier
KingClima Parts No. Description Carrier TB Number
KT-30-50301-00 PRIMARY FUEL FILTER 30-50301-00 TB-30-50301-00
KT-30-00302-00 FILTER FUEL 30-00302-00 TB-30-00302-00
KT-30-00304-00 LUBE FILTER 30-00304-00 TB-30-00304-00
KT-30-00323-00 LUBE FILTER 30-00323-00 TB-30-00323-00
KT-30-00426-20 FILTER AIR 30-00426-20 TB-30-00426-20
KT-30-00426-24 AIR FILTER 30-00426-24 TB-30-00426-24
KT-30-00426-27 AIR FILTER 30-00426-27 TB-30-00426-27
KT-30-00430-23 AIR FILTER 30-00430-23 TB-30-00430-23
KT-30-00450-00 FILTER OIL 30-00450-00 TB-30-00450-00
KT-30-00463-00 (EMI)EXTD LIFE 30-00463-00 TB-30-00463-00
KT-30-00471-20 AIR FILTER 30-00471-20 TB-30-00471-20
KT-30-01077-01 AIR FILTER 30-01077-01 TB-30-01077-01
KT-30-01090-04 FUEL FILTER 30-01090-04 TB-30-01090-04
KT-30-01079-01 FUEL FILTER 30-01079-01 TB-30-01079-01
KT-30-01090-05 FILTER 30-01090-05 TB-30-01090-05
KT-30-01123-00 FUEL FILTER 30-01123-00 TB-30-01123-00
KT-30-50301-01 CARRIER FUEL FILTER 30-50301-01 TB-30-50301-01
KT-30-50327-00 OIL FILTER 30-50327-00 TB-30-50327-00
KT-30-60049-20 AIR FILTER 30-60049-20 TB-30-60049-20
KT-30-60118-00 OIL FILTER 30-60118-00 TB-30-60118-00
KT-66-U-1-2155 OIL FILTER 66-U-1-2155 TB-66-U-1-2155
KT-941172 OIL FILTER 941172 TB-941172

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