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96-111-02K 40 Amp Alternator Comfort Pro APU for Carrier Transicold - KingClima

96-111-02K 40 Amp Alternator for Carrier Transicold

Models: 96-111-02K 40 Amp Alternator for Carrier Transicold
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Brief Introduction of 96-111-02K 40 Amp Alternator

96-111-02K is Carrier Transicold comfort pro apu generator 40 Amp 12 volt. KingClima provide the whole Carrier Transicold parts with best price and two years warranty.

Other Comfort Pro APU Generator Parts for Carrier Transicold

KingClima Part number Description TB number Carrier number
KT-96-111-02K ALTERNATOR, 40AMP TB-96-111-02K 96-111-02K
KT-96-101-21K ALTERNATOR, 60AMP TB-96-101-21K 96-101-21K
KT-96-969-03K BELT, ALT WATER PUMP TB-96-969-03K 96-969-03K
KT-40-304-01K BELT. GENERATOR TB-40-304-01K-AM 40-304-01K
KT-30-186-02K FILTER. FUEL IN-LINE TB-30-186-02K-AM 30-186-02K
KT-30-814-11K FILTER. FUEL IN-LINE TB-30-814-11K-AM 30-814-11K
KT-96-101-33K FILTER. OIL TB-96-101-33K-AM 96-101-33K
KT-96-952-02K FILTER. OIL TB-96-952-02K-AM 96-952-02K
KT-30-60049-20 FILTER. AIR TB-30-60049-20-AM 30-724-11K
KT-96-101-24K FILTER, FUEL TB-96-101-24K-AM 96-101-24K
KT-25-15330-00 GLOW PLUG TB-25-15330-00-AM 96-937-00K
KingClima Part number Description TB number Carrier number
KT-25-34330-00 WATER PUMP TB-25-34330-00-AM 30-123-01K
KT-96-101-30K WATER PUMP (NEW STYLE) TB-96-101-30K 96-101-30K
KT-30-266-01K SENSOR, COOLANT TB-30-266-01K 30-266-01K
KT-96-949-00K SENSOR, OIL PRESSURE TB-96-949-00K-AM 96-949-00K
KT-96-153-01K SOLENOID, FUEL SHUT OFF TB-96-153-01K 96-153-01K
KT-25-15547-00 O-RING TB-25-15547-00 25-15547-00
KT-25-34885-00 STARTER TB-25-34885-00-AM 30-125-01K
KT-25-39610-00 STARTER TB-25-39610-00-AM 96-101-22K
KT-25-34309-01 THERMOSTAT, ENGINE TB-25-34309-01-AM 30-228-01K
KT-96-967-00K HOSE, BYPASS TB-96-967-00K-AM 96-967-00K

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