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TM16 Compressor
TM16 Compressor
TM16 Compressor

Valeo TM16 Compressor

Models: Valeo TM16
Mount Type: Direct Mount or Ear Mount
Displacement: 163cc/rev.
Refrigerant : R404a; R134a
Oil Amount: 180cc
Weight: 7.2Kg
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Brief Introduction of Valeo TM16

TM16 compressor 24V is Valeo TM series refrigeration compressor. KingClima as the supplier of Valeo brands can provide the high cost performance of compressor such as valeo tm16 compressor.

Technical of TM16 Compressor

Type Swash Plate
Mount Type Direct Mount or Ear Mount
Displacement 163cc/rev.
Refrigerant R404a; R134a
Lubricant PAG
Oil Amount 180cc
Voltage 12V/24V
Weight 7.2Kg
Options Wide Variety of Pulley and Fittings

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