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QP21 Transport Refrigeration Units Compressor - KingClima

QP 21 Compressor

Model: QP 21 Transport Refrigeration Units Compressor
Classification: Variable Capacity
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Rotation Speed: 6000rpm
Oil Amount: 180cc
No. of Cylinders: 10
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Brief Introduction of QP21 Compressor For Refrigeration Units

Original new QP21 compressor for refrigeration units with good price. We also provide other kinds of transport refrigeration compressors such as valeo and thermo king. Or other compressor parts such as clutches, and other thermo king and carrier parts replacement.



Features of QP21 Compressor For refrigeration units for sale

1. Popular direct mount and ear mount bodies.
2. Suitable for a wide variety of system applications.
3. High performance with excellent durability and reliability.
4. Smooth, dual valve plate compression and discharge.
5. Ball and Shoe design provides flexible movement, promoting better lubrication and extending compressor life.
6. 3 Eye, 5 Eye, and Spring Leaf clutch options.

Technical of QP 21 Truck Refrigeration Compressor

Model NO. QP21
Classification Variable Capacity
Job Classification Reciprocating
Transmission Power Turbine
Cooling Method Air-cooled
Cylinder Arrangement Mode Duplex
Cylinder Stage Multi Stages
Pressure after Air Exhaust >1000 Gauge Pressure
Displacement >100m²/m
Rotation Speed 6000rpm
Reciprocating Compressor Crankshaft And Connecting Rod Type
Rotary Compressor Scroll Type
Type Swash Plate
Mount Type Direct
No. of Cylinders 10
Oil Amount 180cc
Voltage DC12V/24V
Trademark TCCI
Transport Package Carton
HS Code 84143090

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