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fkx40/470 tk compressor, thermo king aftermarket parts

Bock FKX40/470 TK Compressor

Model: Bock FKX40/470TK Compressor
Application: Thermo King Refrigeration Units
Compressor refrigeration capacity: 20.10 KW
Drive power: 8.21 kW
Torque: 54.10 Nm
Mass flow: 0.167 kg/s
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Brief Introduction of FKX40/470TK Compressor

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Here are the Original new fkx40/470k compressor,  which are used for themo king transport refrigeration units. Not only the original new model, we also provide remanufactured model.
Number of cylinders / Bore / Stroke 4 / 55 mm / 49 mm
Swept volume 466 cm³
Displacement (1450 ¹/min) 40,50 m³/h
Mass moment of inertia 0,0043 kgm²
Weight 33 kg
Permissible range of rotation speeds 500 - 2600 ¹/min
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP) 1) 19 / 28 bar
Connection suction line SV 35 mm - 1 3/8 "
Connection discharge line DV 28 mm - 1 1/8 "
Lubrication Oil pump
Oil type R134a, R404A, R407A/C/F, R448A, R449A, R450A, R513A FUCHS Reniso Triton SE 55
Oil type R22 FUCHS Reniso SP 46
Oil charge 2,0 Ltr.
Dimensions Length / Width / Height 384 / 320 / 369 mm
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