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Telma AX5 Series Truck Retarder

Model: Telma AX5 Series Truck Retarder
Torque: 700/1000 Nm
Weight(Kg): 130
Dimensions(mm): 416×416×250
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Brief Introduction of Telma AX5 series Retarder for Truck

Telma AX5 series retarder for truck is used for 700-1000 Nm 2-8 ton or 8-15 ton trucks. KingClima provide it with a competitive price direct for after sales market. KingClima as supplier of Telma retarder in China, not only provide the original new Telma retarder, but also we can provide China made Telma retarder with a very competitive price and high quality that used for after sales repair market!

Technical Data

Technical of Telma AX5 Truck Engine Retarder

Technical parameters Torque Weight(Kg) Dimensions(mm) Stator mass Rotor mass Moment of inertia Electric current 
Applicable vehicle weight(Total mass) Applicable vehicle Installation method
Product number (Nm) Length×width×axial (Kg) (Kg) (Kg/㎡) Road vehicles Off-road vehicle
AX50-70 700 130 416×416×250 80 50 1.2 64 2-8t Generally not used Small and medium light truck Drive shaft middle
AX51-00 1000 130 416×416×250 80 50 1.2 105 8-15t Generally not used Large light truck Drive shaft middle



Features of AX5 series Retarder for Truck

1. Lighter, smaller and better performance;
2. Uniquely designed rotor to enhance torque durability and reduce loss;
3. Optimized current design to reduce current loss;
4. More corrosion resistant;
5. Modular design, longer use time;
6. It is installed in the middle of the drive shaft and has wide applicability.

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