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Telma A Series Bus Retarder System - KingClima

Telma A Series Bus Retarder

Model: Telma A Series Bus Retarder
Torque: 350 Nm- 2600Nm
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Brief Introduction of Bus Retarder System

Telma A series bus brake retarder is 350 - 2600 Nm torque brake retarder system. KingClima can provide original Telma retarder for bus and coach with a competitive price.

Also KingClima as the supplier of Telma retarder can provide all kinds of retarder for bus and coach, we can also produce China made retarder that matched with all kinds of trucks and bus with a very competitive price that direct sell to after sales repair market with high quality!
Technical Data

Technical of Telma A Series Bus Brake Retarder

Product number Torque (Nm) Weight(KG)

Moment of inertia
Electric current 
Applicable vehicle

Road vehicles
Applicable vehicle

Installation method
AE30-35 350 69 508x345x230 0.2 43.5 5~6m 5~6m Drive shaft middle
AD50-55 550 124 400X363X253 0.64 36 6~7m 6~8m Drive shaft middle
AD50-90 900 125 400X363X260 0.64 96 8m 8~10m Drive shaft middle
AX50-50 500 136 416X416X250 0.43 32 6~7m 6~8m Drive shaft middle
AX50-70 700 145 416X416X250 0.43 35 8m 8~9m Drive shaft middle
AX50-90 900 148 416X416X250 0.43 84 8m 8~9m Drive shaft middle
AX72-00 2000 240 526X526X311 2 128 10~11m 10~12m Drive shaft middle
AX72-60 2600 256 526X526X311 2 141 12~13m Generally not used Drive shaft middle

Features of Telma A Series Coach Brake Retarder

1. Lightweight, miniaturized dual-rotor design, light weight, low moment of inertia, small dynamic load, and no impact on the transmission system;

2. Stable torque output performance;

3. Diversified matching and wide application;

4. The structure size is small, and the dual-rotor retarder is used to solve the problem of the layout of the drive shaft of the small and medium-sized vehicle;

5. The rotor is made of alloy steel casting;

6.  The coil adopts special heat shrinkable material.

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