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  Ventilador Evaporador EBM

Genuine EBM blowers brushless fan K3G097-AK34-65

Brand Name: EBM
Weight: 2 kg
Fan size: 97 mm
Life expectancy: 40,000 h (typical)
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A brief introduction about EBM blower k3g097-ak34-65

The ebm papst k3g097-ak34-65 provided by KingClima is all original, and it is guaranteed that you can buy the best quality EBM evaporator blower at the most suitable price.
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Technical Description of k3g097-ak34-43 

Weight 2 kg
Fan size 97 mm
Impeller material PA plastic UL94 HB (black)
Housing material PP plastic (black)
Balancing grade according to DIN ISO 1940-1 G 2.5
Direction of rotation Clockwise, viewed toward rotor
Degree of protection IP24 KM
Insulation class "B"
Moisture (F) / Environmental (H) protection class F3-2
Max. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage) +70 dgree
Min. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage) -40 dgree
Installation position Any
Condensation drainage holes None, open rotor
Cooling hole/opening On rotor side
Mode S1
Motor bearing Ball bearing
Life expectancy 40,000 h (typical)
Technical features -Start at 85 °C (2 min) permitted
- Load dump (58 V)
- Motor current limitation
- Soft start
- Control input 0-10 VDC / PWM
- Overvoltage detection
- Thermal overload protection for electronics
- Line undervoltage detection
EMC regulations According to ECE R10 Rev. 3
Electrical hookup With plug; Standby current less than 500 µA
Motor protection Reverse polarity and locked-rotor protection
Approval E1; EAC
Sound level 76 dB(A), sound power level according to ISO 13347
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