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spal va07-bp12/c-58a
spal va07-bp12/c-58a
spal va07-bp12/c-58a

SPAL Condenser Fan VA07-BP12C-58A

Brand Name: SPAL Fan
Airflow: 690 CFM
Voltage: 24 Volts
Min Current Draw: 3.9 Amps
Max Current Draw: 4.2 Amps
Weight: 2.1 lbs
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Introduction of VA07-BP12C-58A

The spal va07-bp12/c-58a 24v fan is designed ingeniously, not only has the airflow been large, but the body is also much thinner than the traditional fan, and the weight is also relatively light. Moreover, the design of the curved blades of the spal va07-bp12/c-58a fan can also reduce the noise during the operation of the fan.
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Technical of Spal va07-bp12/c-58a

Maximum Airflow (at zero Static Pressure) 690CFM (1170m³/h)
Fan Blade Ø 225mm (9")
Standard Features Waterproof motor, IP 68
Noise Low noise
Life Long life
Warranty 12 Months Guarantee
Operating Voltage 24v (tested at:26v)
IP Rating IP68
SPAL Type/Description VA07-BP12/C-58A
Airflow Direction Suction
Mounting Bolt/Screw M5 bolt
Mounting Torque 3(+1/-0) Nm
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